Digital Media

Display Advertising

Banners are called the posters of the Internet. Display advertising quickly and effectively builds brand awareness and brand retention. Thus, display campaigns that target relevant advertising at a precisely defined group of recipients have a significant impact on sales in an indirect way.

Display advertising implemented at selected points on the consumer’s de-cision path achieves impressive reach and generates adequate traffic on the landing page at optimal cost.

Display advertising is most effective when the user sees the product they are interested in, so communication should be precisely targeted based on customer and publisher data. Thanks to optimized visibility and display time, this provides the best re-turn on investment in the media mix for many of our clients. Mediaplus is known for its innovation and insightful approach in the field of display marketing..

Online video ads

Online video advertising not only responds to the challenges posed by me-dia fragmentation — the process growing over the years and intensified by the rapid development of Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. It reaches people who rarely watch TV: traditionally young, educated, high-income target audiences. It is awareness of the different ways in which individual digital video formats work and the ability to implement them in a result-oriented manner that generates synergy by enabling their complementary integra-tion with the video ad mix. Mediaplus can support the choice of format and environment, using its own information obtained from surveys, such as "Study of Media Equivalence: Video," thus maximizing the impact and ef-fectiveness of advertising. Under the overarching slogan "ScreenPlanning," our agency has developed several advanced tools, strategies, and tactics that optimize the interaction between different online video channels. This allows our clients to better reach different target audience segments and maximize reach within the same budgeted sum.

Mobile advertising

The average person reaches for their smartphone 200 times a day. Mobile devices are ubiquitous and, for many of us, they are the first and last me-dium we use each day. Even when watching TV, reading a newspaper, or listening to the radio, a smartphone is always at our fingertips. Therefore, the importance of mobile devices is unquestioned. In researching products and using content — in the areas of SEA, SEO, social and webdev — the key phrase is "mobile first." However, this small space is a serious challenge for branding and awareness-oriented communication. Mediaplus enables you to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by mobile marketing thanks to specialized types of advertising focused on awareness and opti-mized for visibility.


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