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SEO optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important and balanced online marketing channels. Thanks to fast websites, relevant content, and functional user interface, organic search can be used to effectively meet potential demand. Users' behavior and their requirements in the area of SEO change very quickly. Experts from our SEO team know the requirements related to professional search engine optimization, so we can obtain the right results for the right users at the right time. SEO offers a unique opportunity to permanently increase conversions and revenue thanks to consistent investments. As voice and visual search is becoming more widespread, the agency's knowledge of search engine optimization is increasingly affecting its long-term success.

Effective SEO activities are in line with the established strategy, consisting of various technological measures associated with content. They result from the in-teraction between brand building, target group intentions, competition analysis, and the technological possibilities created by digital resources. For us, the spec-trum of SEO performance includes supervision over website relaunch, optimiza-tion of loading time and conversion rate as well as keyword analysis. Influencer marketing, content optimization and creation are also part of our services in this field.

Search engine advertising (SEM)

Paid search engine advertising (SEM, Search Engine Marketing) is a key element of any strategy focused on generating a specific sales result. There are many reasons why you should ensure your visibility through various ads for brands and products on search engines, such as Google and Bing, as well as on the auction-based Google Display Network (GDN), or on marketplace sales channels, such as Google Shopping. This enables search engines to deliver the most relevant traffic with a high conversion rate, which allows them to obtain the highest per-centage of revenue from each digital channel. In addition, intelligent SEM cam-paign management can direct and satisfy potential market demand. In the ideal customer purchase path, the search engine not only plays an active role in con-version, but also acts as a preparation channel. That is why it is especially im-portant for us to always incorporate SEM as part of holistic Internet marketing. Dynamic user behavior in relation to mobile devices and diverse targeting and remarketing options also increase the requirements for the conception, implemen-tation, and optimization of effective SEM campaigns. In particular, automation in search engine marketing subsections leads to significant changes in roles and responsibilities. This ensures close interaction with the optimization of digital assets (optimization of SEO and data) in our daily activities.

Our services:

• Search engine advertising
• Programmatic advertising
• Audits of SEM accounts
• Google Analytics
• Dashboards
• Search consultation
• Data management

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an important channel in international online marketing. It offers great opportunities for implementation and customer revenue. Requiring optimal management of affiliate programs and campaigns, it is important to iden-tify them properly and establish a high-quality partnership with them. We har-moniously adapt each program to all other affiliate marketing activities to create optimal synergy between the channels. Our clients' services and products are placed at the right points on the conversion path and are configured to imple-ment the relevant KPIs of the campaign. To this end, we work with the largest affiliate networks and the best partners, developing long-term and high-quality partnership programs.

Our knowledge and extensive contacts with marketers and affiliate networks help build high-quality partnerships, and thus implement our clients' marketing strat-egies while focused on business results. In addition to defining key KPIs for our clients, we identify and evaluate an affiliate network that is relevant to the indi-vidual goals and sectors of the client's business. We integrate relevant publisher segments that affect the entire path: from raising awareness among new custom-ers to reactivating existing ones. Thanks to the technology available in networks and internally programmed tools, we assess overall performance and marketing efficiency in terms of quality, cost effectiveness, and interaction between these two activities.


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