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Social Media Advertising

The growing popularity of social media has a significant impact on consumer behavior. Social media create their own ecosystems in which online shopping and searches are made. There are currently many dominant social networks tailored to specific target groups. In addition to accessibility, the data on which social platforms are based are an important element in the media mix.

Thanks to data management, Mediaplus provides the right base for advertising placed on a social network. Including your target audience is the key to avoiding costly waste. The ability to display themes in different ways creates many variants that must be planned and implemented while mindful of the overall complexity. Recently, we have added a campaign optimization report to the Mediaplus toolkit, which — thanks to our experience and consulting skills — ensures the proper implementation of ads and campaigns on a social medium.

Content marketing

Content marketing can be carried out in an advisory, informal, or entertaining form. The term covers a wide range of tools and communication that can be used in online marketing. It is the market response to the phenomenon of banner blindness. Due to its native form, it is not perceived by users as advertisement. This form of marketing shows that users conduct targeted content searches.

Our extensive experience in content marketing turns this complex tool into a highly effective addition to the media mix. The main goal of planning is to identi-fy topics relevant to users. Good interaction between data-based support and expert knowledge enables the brand to position itself outside the typically market-ing-perceived competitive environment.

Influencer marketing

The influencer boom is a by-product of the success of social media. Owing to their huge reach and the creative ways in which they can "wrap" (advertise) mes-sages, platforms support the spread of marketing with their participation. Many companies now have budgets for influencer communication. In the event of sen-sory media overload, influencers occupy an unusual position and have a special relationship with users, because their posts do not resemble ads and appear to be recommendations. From a technological point of view, the development of ad blocking also extends the spread of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has been professionalized to such an extent that it has become an obligatory element in the media mix for many of our clients. It covers everything from the strategic planning of the campaign, through its execution, to the reporting of results. Mediaplus offers a whole range of services that help our clients use influencer marketing to discover the potential of target groups.


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