Advertising impact

We’ll help you keep an eye on all your campaign parameters

At the cornerstone of every advertising campaign is a great idea. But does the campaign really “work”? Will your idea be well-received by the consumer? Will it be successful? Mediaplus Strategic Insights has researched the effects of advertising and can provide you with the answers you’re looking for. We’re here to support you throughout the complete communication process – from A to Z:

1. Brand image analysis

We use a variety of methods to identify your brand’s general image and to monitor its development. We research how a campaign affects the overall brand image, along with individual dimensions of the brand image.

2. Impact analysis of your marketing activities

We identify the factors that influence the development of success parameters such as advertising recall and sales – and we quantify their impact on your brand success. These insights help us predict communication performance and sales success as well as control advertising effectiveness.

3. Deriving the right budget and optimal media mix

We establish the kind of media budget required for you to reach your communication goals and the optimal touchpoint mix for your campaigns. Using two in-house-developed tools, we analyze some 30 contact points between the brand and the consumer. We then determine their suitability and relevance during individual phases of the purchase decision process.

4. Testing the advertising success of your campaign before it`s launched

Before its launch, a campaign’s effectiveness should be tested. Several effective methods can be used, depending on the objective and available time frame. Even at the very last minute, tests can be carried out and adjustments can be made. 

5. Integration of customer-specific typologies

Can your desired target group not be reproduced through standard market media studies and is it therefore hard to “plan” for? Even in these cases, a special statistical method enables us to integrate customer-specific typologies into classical market-media-studies – so you can use them in your media planning, too.