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Bang & Olufsen is a premium manufacturer of consumer electronics that, when it comes to its products, places great value in ease of use, good service, and extraordinary design. The new 3-D Advanced Sound System is a revolution! It is a pioneer of in-vehicle audio and promises the best acoustic experience there is! We wanted to position this unique technology in such a way that the message – Bang & Olufsen for an unmistakable in-vehicle audio experience – also really hit home for drivers.

We came up with the idea of making the sound system visible. Because if I don’t own this system, I can’t hear the 3-D sound, either! The unmistakable sound was to be depicted with sound waves, thus creating a key visual for the campaign. The principle was to add the new Bang & Olufsen poster in the middle. The posters on the left and right remained the same, but were subsequently seen through waves. The waves, which served to help depict the unmistakable sound of Bang & Olufsen, ran through the entire campaign and thus through all on- and offline measures implemented within the scope of our campaign.

Wherever the new Bang & Olufsen 3-D sound rings out, it makes the innovative sound experience visible. It covers the media environment with deep sound waves. We positioned all our Bang & Olufsen ads alongside those of third parties, and literally made waves.
We pasted adjacent 18/1 posters. Along the ad walk at the airport the 3-D sound poster transformed four complete ad screens from other brands into circular waves. On, we placed skyscraper ads that overlaid the adjacent areas with circular waves using the new 3-D sound effect. In the field of print media, too, the virtual 3-D sound of Bang & Olufsen emanated from skyscraper ads. These overlaid the entire adjacent editorial section with circular waves.

We reached more than half a million people via video screens, print and online ads, and largescale posters.



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