Channel planning

When it comes to your budget, it´s not just a question of size. It´s about optimal allocation.

Let’s be honest here: Do you really know what percentage of your media budget is spent on which channel? And if this allocation really makes sense?

Contemporary channel planning typically has more to offer than just a choice of media channels. In fact, it has a lot more to do with establishing the right balance of power between individual channels. There’s no doubt about it: Determining the ideal size and allocation of your budget is one of the most important – and most intricate – tasks in integrated communication.

To develop a communication mix that weights the planned media channels in the best possible fashion, Mediaplus uses an integrated approach to strategic planning. We use a tool that allows us to combine brand, target group and media expertise to answer the following questions:

  1. What amount of your budget must be invested in which channels to achieve the best possible advertising impact?
  2. What version of media mix simultaneously achieves the highest performance and the lowest CPM?
  3. How should the budget be allocated between the individual media channels to result in a measurable sales increase?

 We investigate which touchpoints are most important for the purchase decision

Particularly with regard to products that tend to involve a longer purchase decision process, touchpoints function in a number of different ways – because the relevance of individual touchpoints changes significantly the “closer” the consumer gets to the actual purchase decision. Our Touchpoint Optimizer and BrandCube tools can provide answers to such questions as:

  • Which touchpoints are particularly pertinent to your target groups?
  • Which ones are particularly relevant when it comes to the purchase decision being made at the end of the customer journey?

This complex, integrated approach to channel planning enables us to determine the most efficient budget size and develop a balanced budget allocation.