Regional media planning – more effective and versatile than ever before

Regional advertising is a secret star of modern media planning: Never before has it been as creative, powerful and efficient as today. Which is why we’re fully invested in providing our clients with the support they need to plan, optimize and control

  • local and regional campaigns in the context of national media planning
  • geomarketing
  • branch marketing
  • brochure distribution
  • geotargeting

Here are the methods we use:

Mediaplus Geomedia

This area takes our advertising exactly where it needs to go – through detailed location analyses and a planning process that penetrates various spatial units right down to the smallest level of micro markets and street sections.

  • We identify your target groups on the desired spatial level using a plethora of possible data sources: In addition to official statistics, market media studies, etc., any amount of regionally assignable customer and survey data can also be included.
  • We identify the spatial allocation of sales potentials in your catchment area, for example in a branch environment.
  • We analyze the customer and structural data of your target groups and examine their media use and purchase behaviour.
  • In addition – thanks to an approved, multivariate estimation model (Geo Optimizer) – we also identify unexploited customer potentials in specific sales areas so you can reach them in a targeted manner.

This sophisticated planning approach generates significant increases in turnover and makes use of existing budget savings potentials – as in the following example:

Optimization example by Geomedia

Mediaplus Branch Management System(FiMS)

FiMS is a geomedia information system that allows us to manage branch marketing in close collaboration with our clients.

  • It ensures that processes run smoothly between marketing, area and branch managers as well as with the agency.
  • It makes sure you’re constantly in the know about the media activities of all your branches.
  • It enables the integration of all the necessary data required for ideal branch-level area and media planning.

Brochure distribution

We offer targeted brochure distribution without any wastage. To this end, we spatially project customer, target group and routing data while taking into account overlaps within various distribution areas of our clients and their competitors.

Thanks to our innovative geodigital planning, we can identify areas with below-average insert/advertising coverage. This way, we can close “gaps” through precise regional online targeting.

Our Geo Cube and Geo Score tools provide support for the best possible choice of local distribution media. They also allow for the differentiated planning of over 1,000 editions according to quantitative and qualitative criteria.


We literally take the benefits of online targeting to the streets – via digital out-of-home media. Geotargeting enables us to place individual, flexibly controllable advertising media with a maximum of local, situational and current relevance. We achieve this through:

  • The integration of external data sources (such as weather data and sports events),
  • A personalized editorial design and content,
  • Automatically updated offers (integration with product data base and stock reconciliation).

The bottom line:

As you can see, Mediaplus Regio offers completely novel geomedia services that bring together classical regional media such as radio, inserts, flyers and out-of-home media with online media – and combine them for minimum wastage.