Market and media analysis

Keeping an ear to the ground – with our market, competition and target group analyses

Are you always up-to-the-minute when it comes to market, consumption and media use trends? As an advertiser, you naturally want to stay in the know. Let us keep you up to speed with short-term, medium-term and long-term developments.

Along with standard research tools, we also make use of a variety of tools we’ve developed ourselves. These tools are able to shed light on developments which are extremely valuable for your brand.

Have a look at what our media and market analysis research department has to offer you:

  • Extensive, well-founded and up-to-the-minute knowledge about the big picture regarding economic and social interconnections and changes.
  • Market and competition analysis: interesting facts about your market in general and your competitors in particular.
  • Advertising market analysis: important information about the advertising market and the advertising behaviour of your competitors with regard to offline and online media and the social web (monitoring).
  • Target group analysis and consulting: current trends and changes in your target groups. Based on this, we develop new and particularly efficient target group models, such as target buyer groups. When your planning is focussed on target buyer groups, you don’t just minimize wastage – you also successfully reach the particularly important group of consumers who are already buyers of your or your competitors’ brand.
  • Media analysis and consulting to ensure the optimal use of your media budget.
  • Further development of media research methods. We attach particular importance to the comparability of media currencies.
  • Collaborations with research institutes such as Nielsen and GfK.