Media planning

Our media planning allows you to reach those who really count: Buyers

What makes a media plan successful? When it has more to offer than a sociodemographic target-group strategy.

Top media planners think multi-laterally. They’re driven by the desire to keep wastage to an absolute minimum. That’s why at Mediaplus we focus on reaching those consumers who are particularly important for your company: potential buyers. This specific media planning orientation gives our clients efficiency benefits of up to 30 percent. If we simply concentrated on sociodemographic target groups, we would never manage to achieve such outstanding results: These groups serve to describe media viewership and readership, but they don’t tell us how interested the target groups really are. And it’s this precise information that is so decisive for a campaign’s success. So we use a different approach – and work in close collaboration with the GfK’s market researchers.

Our media planning is based on consumer research

We integrate insights from the GfK’s consumer research into our media strategies. For instance, we combine data from the GfK consumer panel and AGF television panel, which enables us to develop a completely novel class of media knowhow that can be used to target TV environments with unprecedented efficiency. Our media planning is tailored to specific groups of buyers and enables us to find out exactly which groups have the highest potential for responding to your campaign. In other words: The performance of our media planning isn’t expressed in typical key figures such as reach, average number of contacts or GRPs. Instead, it improves your ROI for the long term.