Product placement

Product placement gives more punch to your communication mix

Imagine having the best air-time, the top ratings and, at the height of the crucial scene, having your brand appear. Ever since 2010, this scenario has become more than just a dream – since product placement on German television is now legal. Product placement allows the glamour and fame a particular programme has with your target group to rub off on your product. It gains a unique position outside the ad block. This new form of advertising brings you extremely close to your target group.

Product placement isn´t a lone fighter  - it´s part of your overall media strategy

In order for product placement to achieve maximum effect, we embed it in an overall strategy. We make sure it fits your brand to a T – through smart media planning.

Mediaplus Brand Entertainment is constantly assessing which TV programmes and environments are best suited to, for instance:

  • Your company (corporate placement)
  • A particular location (location placement)
  • A topic (topic placement)

We also look into which types of product placements are best suited to your needs:

  • Spoken placement: Your brand name is mentioned.
  • Visual placement: Your product is displayed in a specific environment but is not integrated into the plot.
  • Plot/usage placement: Small episodes involving the brand are developed and integrated into the plot.

To ensure the success of your product placement, we look after production in close collaboration with the producers, distributers and TV stations.