Service range

Our service range offers four main areas of insights and consulting:

To help you reach your advertising goals and place your brand in a stronger position than your competitor, we’ll stay by your side with the advice you need. Because the demands of the market just keep growing:

  • The media landscape is evolving at breakneck speed, growing ever more complex.
  • Media consumption behaviour is changing just as quickly, making it increasingly difficult to stratify consumers according to sociodemographic characteristics (such as age) into media user groups.
  • Not least the buying behaviour of consumers is changing, too.

Successful research is inspiring

However, even under these new conditions, it’s still possible to successfully and precisely approach your target group while maximizing your budget – for instance, by perfectly dovetailing processes, covering a wide range of subjects and applying an expert command of a whole variety of methodological disciplines.

We have an extensive range of expertise to offer you, including:

  • Recommendations to help you effectively and efficiently make use of your media budget, even under difficult market conditions.
  • Analyses to precisely define your target groups and identify your ideal media mix.
  • Creative media ideas that will surprise your target group, while strengthening both your image and brand loyalty.
  • Knowledge of future developments: how media use, consumption behaviour and brand management are developing and will mutually influence each other.

Knowledge of consumer behaviour: We don’t just use traditional methods to research consumer opinions; we also complement these methods with neuroresearch. This allows us to identify unconscious neurological processes in the consumer’s brain and to then derive effective recommendations or optimizations from these insights.