Our Strategic Insights

Our Strategic Insights make our clients’ campaigns more efficient

Strong marketing strategies require well-grounded research that delivers more than just heaps of bare figures. When it comes to your success, what factors are truly decisive? For us, the answer is clear: perfectly researched insights and analyses that, above all, are practice-relevant, strategic and well-interpreted.

We don’t simply deliver off-the-rack results. Rather, we bring to light the information that’s really relevant for you. We prepare it for practical application, stand by you with expert advice and breathe life into dull figures. Extracting meaningful Strategic Insights is what we do – and that explains why we’ve called our research department just that: Strategic Insights.

Future-oriented research – making sure you’re always up to date

Success means always staying one step ahead, understanding both consumers and markets. Which is why we sniff out trends for you at an early stage and transform this knowledge into the strategies you need – strategies to set you on the right course for the future.

Real-world research – helping you get to know your consumers

The more precisely targeted your campaign when it reaches your consumers, the more successful your brand will be. Which is why consumers are at the core of our research. We analyze why, how and when they act or buy. This information helps us to

  • Gain important insights that are pertinent to your brand strategy.
  • Develop concrete recommendations for customized brand communication.
  • Optimize media planning modules and processes.

Interdisciplinary research – working precisely where you stand to gain

As part of the Serviceplan Group, we have direct access to over 45 specialized agencies covering the complete range of communication disciplines. The scope of subjects we can handle is equally varied, covering so much more than classic media research: Whether creation, traditional media, online, mobile or PR, we’ve got it covered. As we see it, all media channels naturally fall under our areas of research.

This integrated approach to research across all advertising-relevant media enables us to create particularly powerful campaigns, despite media fragmentation, media convergence and parallel media consumption.