Tools & databases

Brand-specific needs – brand-specific solutions

Successful brand management must always be built on custom-made strategies. To give our clients precisely what they need, we’re always creating new, brand-specific instruments. Our range of media and marketing tools covers the entire spectrum: from tools that provide support to media consultants in their choice of ideal touchpoints, to those that lead the way to creation, all the way to PR consulting tools. 

Finding the crucial needle in a haystack of data

We’ll help you keep track of it all: We develop databases and dashboard solutions that give you all the relevant marketing and media information you need at a glance. Since communication is on an ever more digital course, it now generates a vast quantity of data whose analysis is increasingly hard to tackle. But it’s not the data as such that’s valuable – it’s the information you can derive from it.

Big Data offers big opportunities for efficient marketing

Given the enormous range of digital media, it’s become ever more important for advertisers to reach the right people with the right content. Because today’s consumers prefer to be addressed personally.

And a precondition for such precisely targeted campaigns is a database that’s not only as extensive as possible but, more importantly, as detailed as possible.

Which is why it’s important for future-oriented advertisers to

  • Control quantity: You must be able to manage vast amounts of data.
  • Ensure quality: You should also be able to reach individual consumers in an efficient manner.

Achieving both is only possible if you have access to an extensive, detailed database from which essential information can be extracted, with regard to consumer behaviour, for example. Let us help you successfully tackle this challenge: Our sophisticated methods will help you stay in control of your data, so you can always precisely measure and analyze any clues that consumers leave behind.

Can you see it now? Big data and its detailed analysis are crucial aspects of successful future media planning. The term “big data” is so much more than a trend – and Mediaplus Strategic Insights is here to help you stay on the ball.